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Timber Sale Preparation

Forests are very diverse and require a qualified forester to determine the best management approach for each individual forest stand. When implemented properly, timber harvesting activities can improve/maintain forest health, as well as improve game/non-game wildlife habitat. If your property is ready for some form of harvesting treatment, I can directly assist in timber sale preparation, wood products marketing, and oversee harvesting activities through their completion. I represent the landowner in determining which trees should be harvested, who should have an opportunity to harvest them, and how much they get paid for the forest products. In addition, I assure that the job gets done properly by a reputable and insured logging company. The benefit to you as a landowner is that you are represented by a qualified professional to serve YOUR best interest, rather than the interest of the logging company.

Timber management practices, timber products, and the market value of individual species/products are very complex. Drysdale Forestry & Consulting relies on its expertise in forest management and the use of competitive timber marketing to ensure that the landowner receives the best possible price for their timber products, as well as a quality job.

Research from a number of states shows that landowners that hire a Consulting Forester to assist with timber sales receive higher timber sale returns, are left with higher quality and more valuable residual stands, and have less environmental damage than landowners that do not hire consulting foresters. The consultant's fee is frequently more than offset by these higher values.

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