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Management Plan Preparation

A forest management plan is a detailed written report which is intended to guide a landowner in the management of their forest land. Management plans are based on the goals and objectives of each landowner. Landowner’s objectives vary with some of the most common ownership objectives being family legacy, long term investment, recreation, and wildlife habitat. The amount of information included in a management plan can vary depending on the landowner’s desires. However, at a minimum a management plan should include the landowner’s goals and objectives, a detailed description of the timber/non-timber cover types found on the property, a detailed map of the property that shows each of the different cover types, a description of recommended management activities for each cover type that will satisfy the landowners objectives, as well as a timeline of when they should be implemented.

Forests are very diverse and require a qualified forester to determine the best management approach for each individual forest stand. There is no one size fits all management approach that covers all forest lands. A well prepared management plan can ensure that your land remains healthy and productive for years to come.

Some management plans can qualify a landowner for cost sharing programs or tax incentives. Some common programs that are available to Michigan landowners are:

Drysdale Forestry & Consulting is qualified to prepare management plans for any landowner that wishes to enroll in any of these programs provided their property meets the requirements.

Some landowners choose to enroll their property into a “Conservation Easement”. A conservation easement is a legal agreement in which the landowner retains ownership of private property, but conveys certain specifically identified rights to a Conservancy. In general, most conservation easements limit extensive subdividing and development of property to ensure the long term conservation of their property. Although Conservancies differ from region to region, some encourage sustainable forest management principles for the benefit of both forest health and wildlife habitat. If your property is in a conservation easement that allows sustainable forest management, Drysdale Forestry & Consulting can work with the Conservancy to develop a management plan that is acceptable under the terms of your easement and will benefit your property.

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